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Community Supported Bookstore (CSB)

Become A Member!

Bennett’s Books is a community-focused bookstore, we exist to make our community a better place. That said, surviving as an independent bookstore in the age of Amazon and Netflix is tough, let alone as a community focused bookstore. As such, we’ve embarked on a new endeavor - a Community Supported Bookstore (CSB) program. The CSB  helps us successfully maneuver through the difficulties of running a small, independent bookstore while also allowing us to continue our mission of helping to improve our community.

Customers can become bookstore members at several different levels, each level with its own set of benefits. We put a lot of thought into ensuring that the benefits of membership are well worth the cost. Our goal is to gain at least 300 members and if we do, it will guarantee our survival for at least another year. We have big plans for Bennett’s Books and with your help we’ll make those plans a reality.

Membership Levels:

10% off of all purchases, exclusive member events and promotions

Dorothy - $25

2 free children’s books a month; exclusive member events

Daenerys - $25

7 free books* - whenever you want, all at once or spread out over the year; exclusive member events

Éowyn - $50 (Our Most Popular Level)

10% off of all* books; 1 free book* a month; exclusive member events

Michonne - $100

15% off of all* books; 2 free books* a month; exclusive member events

Katniss - $300

25% off of all books; 3 free books* a month; exclusive member events


The details of the Hermione level are protected under the Statute of Secrecy; please inquire at store for details.

* A small amount of restrictions apply but more than 90% of books are eligible.

To become a member please visit the store or click the button below. You can also send your payment via PayPal to or sign up via this link:

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