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Become A Bookstore Member!

Believe it or not, Bennett's Books has now been here for two years. As we enter our third year we are ecstatic to finally announce the official launch of our Community Supported Bookstore program!

Modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture movement, people can become annual bookstore members at several different levels and receive benefits throughout the year in return.

The CSB will help us successfully maneuver through the difficulties of running a small, independent bookstore while also allowing us to continue our mission of helping to improve our community. Benefits from membership in the CSB includes free books and discounts of book purchases (the amount of free books discounts depend on which level members choose). We put a lot of thought into ensuring that the benefits of membership are well worth the cost and we think you'll agree.

As far as we know, our Community Supported Bookstore program is the only such program in Connecticut, in fact, we think it is one of only three in the entire country. Not only that, the other two are in California and have a different model - we’re pretty sure that this is a unique endeavor.

If you've been to our store you know that our aim, beyond just providing affordable books, is to host a community space, a place where people can come, relax, find great books, and maybe even make new friends - the CSB will ensure that we can continue to do that. If just 1% of the residents of the Tritown area become members the program will be successful.

Membership levels are below and are good for one year. Please visit the store or contact us via email to sign up. And please let us know if you have any questions.

ÉOWYN - $50

10% of all* books; 1 free book* a month; $10 gift certificate; exclusive member events


15% of all* books; 2 free books* a month; $15 gift certificate; exclusive member events

KATNISS - $300

25% of all books; 3 free books* a month; $50 gift certificate; exclusive member events


The details of the Hermione level are protected under the Statue of Secrecy; please inquire at store for details.

*A very small amount of restrictions apply. See store for details.

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